Please take a minute to read this update.  

If you have TRADED or ACCELERATED or MOVED a week of Timeshare, the Unit Number is not Guaranteed.  It is impossible to give each person their actual unit number.  The remainder of 2021 is almost full.  Units are assigned based on availability.  We are not allowed to request a specific unit number and again we will most likely not get our same unit.

Units are assigned by unit type and floor.  If your existing unit is on the 1st or 2nd floor, you will get a 1st or 2nd floor unit.  If your existing unit is on the 3rd or 5th floor, you will get a 3rd or 5th floor unit.  Floors 1&2 are considered the same and floors 3 & 5 are considered the same.  Again, units are assigned based on availability, what is owner occupied and what is available.  Because of all the units that were moved from 2020, there are a few situations where you may have received a different floor in an effort to move everyone.  This is the exception, not the rule.

Next-if you submit for a Trade or Acceleration for next year, the same rules will apply.  We may not request a unit number.  Karina will always do her best to give you your unit-IF IT IS AVAILABLE.  Moving forward from today, please do not ask her the unit number you will have.  This is the rule and because of a few recent situations, she will no longer give out Traded or Accelerated Unit Numbers until you arrive.  Again-this is the RULE but she has been lenient in trying to accommodate everyone.  Now she has to go back to the Royal Palm Club Rules because of situations that have occurred.

You may request a Trade or Acceleration one year in advance.  Requests for the following year do not begin until October of the current year. 2022 request will begin in October 2021.  Maintenance Fees must be paid in full for all units you own prior to receiving approval. 

Please remember to notify Karina at least two weeks in advance to let her know if you will or will not be arriving for your week.  Just send a quick email.