Happy January to all!  Many of you have emailed to say you are no longer receiving emails from me/Blog.  Glad so many noticed.  I no long post individual ads for rental or sales.  There are so many rentals these days, I can hardly keep up with the Master List.  Please keep in mind rental policies:

All renters need a rental agreement with the Rules & Regulations.

Karina needs a Member Guest Form for every renter.

Karina does not need the Rental Agreement-just the Member Guest Form.

Please reply to inquiries quickly.  If you don’t, they email me.

Please notify me as soon as your unit is rented.

If I email you to confirm your rental is still available and you do not reply, I will not be able to list future rentals for you.


Not much new news to report.  Everything seems to be going well in Timeshare!