Thanks to all who contributed to the fund for Karina’s and Madelyn’s mom. Because of your generosity the family will have funds to pay for outstanding medical expenses, a lovely funeral and all miscellaneous expenses.  Loosing a loved one is never easy but taking the financial burden away provides peace of mind for the entire family.  Thanks so much for your overwhelming kindness and generosity.





Karina’s mom has been battling cancer for 10 years.  The cancer is now in her bones.  In the last two years she has lost her strength and her job and most recently her fight.  Marlene Maduro Suescuns Wever is 63 years old.  She has 6 children who all work hard and help their parents.

The doctors have stopped treatment because of her weakness.  She has lost so much weight and can barely walk.  Her family has rallied around her in an effort to keep her strong.  She was walking with a walker, eating and talking until last week.

On Friday she had a severe stroke.  The ambulance did not transport her to the hospital.  Instead they informed the family she would need to wait for the doctor.  The doctors are saying there is not much hope.  The hospital will not take her because she is considered a terminal cancer patient.  There is no medical assistance for Karina’s mom or her family.

The doctors have told the family she must rest.  They have given her medication drops that keep her sleeping.  The family is scared because they know she may not wake up.  She can no longer eat or drink.  They help her sit up when possible to keep her comfortable.  There is no in home or private nursing facility available in Aruba.

Let’s all help Karina, her family and most of all her beautiful mom Marlene Maduro Suescuns Wever.  All funds raised will go to Karina and her family to provide the best medical care possible during these difficult