A few reminders today:

There are no more last minute Trades or Accelerations at the Riu.  Karina needs the paperwork 60 days prior to a Trade or Acceleration.

Once a Trade is made, it cannot be Traded again.

Timeshare may not be Deposited unless you belong to Interval.

Timeshare may not be moved to another year.



I do not have access to my computer yet.  Everything needs posted from a Desk Top.  Another member is going to take over rental posting but I have not had time to teach her the process.

I only post rental every 1-2 weeks.  There are no immediate postings.  If you need an immediate posting please join Redweek.  You can post and manage your rental from this site.

If you rent your unit, you have to let me know.

If you request a rental to be posted, you have to provide all of the information.  Week, Unit, Dates, Price, Email and Phone.