I should finally be caught up on rentals.  Please check the list and make sure I have yours posted and the info is correct.  If you have rented your unit and it is still on the  list, please let me know.

A few Reminders:

Please notify Karina by email two weeks prior to your check in date to let her know if you will be checking in.  This is a requirement from now on-we have to notify her 2 weeks before our check in date.  She also needs a Member Guest Form if you will not be checking in and have a Guest staying in your unit.

Her email is ts.aru@riu.com

There are no more last minute Trades or Accelerations at the Riu.  Karina needs the paperwork 60 days prior to a Trade or Acceleration.

Once a Trade is made, it cannot be Traded again.

Timeshare may not be Deposited unless you belong to Interval.

Timeshare may not be moved to another year.

Hope everyone is healthy and vaccinated!