Hi All,

The Rental List for 2021 & 2022 are caught up again.  I have separated them by year.  Please check your listing to make sure all info is correct.  Please also check to make sure I posted your rental.

REMEMBER-email me at riurentals@gmail.com for all rentals.


We are required to notify Karina by email if we are or are not checking in.  Please do this in advance.

Remember the Dates are different in 2022!!!

At this time, Trades and Accelerations for 2021 are closed.  If you cannot use your week for 2021, you may try renting it, Join Interval and deposit it, or loose the use in 2021.

If you have submitted a Trade/Acceleration for 2022 and no longer need it, please notify Karina.

If you would like to request a Trade or Acceleration for 2022 for January/February/March, please make sure Karina has your paperwork.  She begins approving in October. There is not a lot of availability in these months.  If your week is in january/February/March and you want to Trade to later dates, please send in your request right away. Maintenance must be paid in full on all of your units for a Trade/Acceleration to be approved.

Maintenance will begin by email in September and must be cleared and posted by November 30th.  This means all payments have to be made by 11/15 to be received and posted on time.  Thanks to all who pay immediately.  This saves so much of time and work.  If you can pay when you receive the Invoice is so helpful.

THE RIU DOES NOT HAVE A FAX MACHINE.  If you can’t Scan and email your Credit Card Form for Payment, please Fax to me at 757-306-1460 or call me with your Credit Card Number.

If you no longer want your Timeshare Unit, please let me know.  Someone will take it over.  Please don’t let your unit go to Foreclosure when another owner will take it.  Please don’t wait until the last minute as it becomes more difficult at foreclosure time.