All MAINTENANCE INVOICES have been sent by email.  If you have not received your Invoice by email, please let Karina know.  To make it easy, you may pay from the Letter.  

Karina will start on Trades & Accelerations for January & February.  If you sent in a request and no longer need it, please let her know right away.  If you have not sent in a request and need to request a Trade or Acceleration, please send this in right away.  MAINTENANCE must be paid in full before a Trade or Acceleration will be approved.  Please don’t send a request if you have not paid maintenance.  Once your Trade/Acceleration is approved, you have 10 days to confirm with your Credit Card Payment.  

NOTE:  There are not many weeks available in 2021 because of all the weeks that were moved from 2020.  

If you own Week 52 and want Week 53 in 2021, please email Karina or send her a Credit Card Authorization with a Maintenance Payment for this week. On the credit card form please note “Paying for Week 53”. You may only request Week 53 if you own Week 52.

I think rentals are caught up for today.  If I have missed your email asking to list a rental please resend.  As everyone will see from the list-it is overwhelming.  I cannot post as often as I have in the past so I am suggesting joining Redweek and posting your week for rent there.  This gives you immediate control of your listing.  The number of rentals because of COVID make it almost impossible for me to keep up.  If you are renting your unit, you need to complete a rental agreement for the renter and then a Member Guest Form for Karina and the renter.

If you need your unit listed for Sale, please send me the info.

All request need to be sent by email with Week Number, Unit Number, Dates, Price and Contact info.  If all info is not included I cannot post.  Please do not text, call or message me for rental or sale listings.  I need them all by email with complete info.